How to Start a Vending Machine Business on Your Own

Americans are busier than they ever have been before. That’s a primary reason why so many buy their entire meals from vending machines. And even when they don’t, you can be sure that they probably buy parts of their meals, or just snacks from a vending machine. The evidence is everywhere. From company break rooms to grocery stores, colleges to waiting rooms, vending machines are nearly anywhere you look. The good news in this is that with so many new businesses being started every day, there’s plenty of room for practically anyone who wants to get into the vending business. Even better, a vending machine business can be started with very little money. In fact, the only thing you need to do to get started is to begin finding locations and fill them with machines.

Step One. The first thing you need to do to start a vending machine business is to begin finding locations. This is true whether you want to start a business from scratch, you decide to buy an existing route, or you buy a franchise. Even if you determine that buying an existing route is the road for you, it’s still smart to begin looking for new locations to expanding the business. Do not start buying machines until you have locations established.

Step Two. Scout potential locations to determine the market and clientele. Regardless of the location check to see whether they already have vending machines and what kinds of people there patronize them, if any. Are the vending machines being used or are they a waste of space? Are the primary customers patrons of the business or employees? High levels of traffic means more sales, so you will need to make sure that there are vending machines in these areas.

Step Three. Develop a pitch for the potential location’s owners. Most importantly, don’t offer a commission if you don’t need to in order to get the business. You should highlight the fact that you have done your homework and see that business as a good market and that you are enthusiastic about serving them well. You might also want to provide the owner of the business with details about different types of machines and products that you believe would do well in their business.

Step Four. Visit the office of the county clerk to get information about taxes on your sales. Vending machine sales are subject to taxes.

Step Five. After you have determined what types of products you want to sell in a particular business, start contacting vending machine brokers. Try to buy the machines used since they normally sell for a fraction of what a new one goes for. Used machines are also often refurbished before being resold, so if you buy the right one, you probably wouldn’t know the difference from a new one.

Step Six. Start buying your stock. Work with established wholesalers to get the products you need. And if a given wholesaler doesn’t have a product that you are looking for, just ask. Chances are good that he will know where to get it.

Building a profitable vending machine business isn’t easy, but with hard work and some research, creating a good steady business is very realistic. It all depends on you. Check out more info on this website.

Top 5 Reasons Why FIFA 16 Should Be On Your Shopping List

For every hardcore gamer buying the latest FIFA game has become somewhat of an annual ritual. EA Sports has been dishing out a new FIFA game every single year since 1995. This makes you wonder, how much improvement can the new games have compared to previous year’s version? The short answer to that is a lot. Even though, the scope of improvements and additions seems limited. EA somehow has managed to improve the game’s graphics, features, and gameplay every single year. FIFA 16 is no different as it comes with a whole lot of new features, a stunning new graphics, a more realistic gameplay, and an add-on playable mode that will make you proud. That’s right for the first time in the history of the FIFA video game series there will be playable Women’s National Football teams. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the new game promises to offer much more. To help you decide whether or not you should buy the new game, here’s our list of 5 new features and improvements you can expect from FIFA 16.


Realistic AI Defenders: There is nothing more boring than playing against dumb AI. After a while you can start predicting all their moves which severely hampers the quality of the game. This is something FIFA is improving on year after year. FIFA 16 promises a much more realistic experience as AI players for the first time learn how to defend as a unit. EA also adds something called the Swing Step Defender which enables AI defenders to target high-risk attackers with much more ease. As a player you would find it much more challenging to fool the new AI’s making the goals you score all the more memorable. The new AI defenders also are programmed to understand the pace of the game and work more as a team. (Source)

New Dribbling Control Dynamics: FIFA 16 also come equipped with a new dribbling feature which gives players a greater degree of freedom when trying to get past a defender. It has added something called the No Touch Dribbling which enables players to let go of the ball for a brief moment to maneuver around a skilled defender. This is a dribbling tactics that’s amazingly effective in the real world and often used by the likes of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. (Source)


FIFA Trainer: Taking into account the high level of competition between fellow gamers, FIFA 16 will come with a new Trainer mode. FIFA Trainer mode will aim to improve the skill level of the gamers by revealing valuable in-game tips and control tactics. (Source)

Shots On Goal Improvement: No two shots on goal will ever be the same again with FIFA 16. The new game dynamics takes into account a complex 3D model of the foot and how the ball reacts when it comes into contact. Which basically means the ball will take a specific trajectory and direction depending on how it hits the foot. It can either be a finesse shot that enables the ball to curve into the goal or a direct shot that goes straight in. (Source)

Addition of Women’s Teams: FIFA 16 will include 12 Women’s National teams. Gamers can select the teams and play in offline tournaments, match day, and online multiplayer mode. Women’s Teams that will feature in the FIFA 16 are Mexico, China, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, USA, Germany, France, England, Canada, Spain, and Italy. (Source)

Ten Cool Designs for Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos for men are a growing trend amongst tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. Not long ago, many people were worried about having this part of their body tattooed because it’s extremely hard to cover up. For decades there’s been a stigma for people who have visible tattoos, and this is especially true for tattoos so close to a person’s face. These types of tattoos have been known to be a primary reason why a person doesn’t get a job or gets strange looks because some people unfairly judge those with such a bold tattoo. Fortunately, the common acceptance of tattoos has been growing in recent years, so many men have opted to get this visible part of their body inked with some incredible art.

While there still are some people who have judgments about men with neck tattoos, you should take this opportunity to express yourself as you do with all of your other pieces of work. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get an incredible piece of artwork on a part of your body for the whole world to see. You should see this visible part of your body as the best place to showcase your best designs.

Here are 10 neck tattoos for men that’ll make you want some ink:

Hungry Like the Wolf:

Source: Tumblr

This incredible piece of artwork is has simple colors, but has a ton of detail. The best part about this piece is that it’s extremely bold and takes up the entire portion of the front of the neck. What makes it pop is the orange eyes of the wolf to draw even more attention.

The Classic Ship

Source: Tumblr

One of the most popular tattoos for men on any part of the body is the classic sailing ship. It’s majestic and has a chance to express a lot of detail as well as color. This is another design that can be large and take up the majority of your neck, but can also be placed on the side.

Going Home

Source: Tumblr

The nautical sign is one of the most widely known symbols around the world. It’s an important symbol from the days of the old when sailors used to travel across the seas in search for new land or when they needed to get home.


Source: Tumblr

The wings shown in this image on the model are the perfect design for any man who wants a tattoo on their neck because the shape fits so well across the area. The wing goes up the model’s neck up to behind the ear in, so it takes up a good portion of space and can clearly be seen.

The Shark

Source: Google Images

The shark is the king of the ocean and looks amazing when it’s placed on the neck. The shark is a symbol of fear and intimidation to all of its potential prey in the ocean. The model definitely gives off the perception of being a bad boy with this fearful shark on his neck.

Eagle Eye

Source: Tumblr

The eagle on this full frontal neck tattoo can’t be seen in its entirety, but you can tell by the design that it’s greatly detailed. The talons of the eagle stretch down to the model’s collar bones, which ties together with a necklace. The mind’s eye depicted in the center of the piece is classic as well.

Rose and Sparrow

Source: Tumblr

This model is the perfect example of having a gorgeous neck tattoo while still keeping it professional in his suit and tie. The sparrow on the neck is holding a ribbon that goes toward the front of the neck with writing on the ribbon and has a rose in the background.

Filled with Color

Source: Men’s Tattoo Ideas

The model in this picture has a complete portrait on his neck and want’s the whole world to see. There’s a lot going on in this piece, but it works in perfect harmony with each color of the plants and roses. There’s even some kind of creature hiding off to the side near his color bone.

The Angry Wolf

Source: Tumblr

The piece in this picture is another wolf, but located on the side of the neck so there’s a better view from the side profile. It’s a picture of an intimidating creature who is showing his teeth and ready for a fight.


Source: Tumblr

This model clearly has a theme of tattoos all over his body and the one on his neck is beautiful and out there for the world to see that family is the most important thing. There are colorful flowers and plants in the background along with a ribbon with “family” written on it.

For more great tattoos visit this website.